Saturday, June 28, 2014

Day 65

Today Mommy and Daddy were excited, as always, to get to the hospital and see how Walker had done with his feedings and being in an open crib over night.  The nurse said he had done great taking over his minimum each time and he had gotten some good rest.  Walker had also done well keeping his temperature up above 97.6 which is the minimum for babies in an open crib.  He had also done well with his breathing and stayed on 21% all night, even though his flow drifted down to 1.25.  He was able to maintain so they just let him stay at 1.25.

This morning the little guy was still doing well at maintaining his temperature even though it was freezing in the NICU and he continued to do well with taking his bottle!  He did a big job while Daddy was holding him, and was grinning all over!  The charge nurse came and told Daddy and Mommy that since Walker was doing so well they would be moving him over to NICU 2 today!!  We can't get over what a big boy he is getting to be and this afternoon around 3:00 they moved him over to bed 9.  We are excited to have our own room for the first time, and we are excited for Walker to get some more quiet!

This afternoon Walker got a visit from Mamaw and Papaw Pruett who were excited to see the lil guy's new room.  They got to watch Walker eat his supper and he did really well, afterwards he was wide awake while Mamaw held him.  We think the little guy really enjoyed checking out his great grandma, and the feeling was definitely mutual!  Walker also got a visit from David and Gloria Ashby who were excited to see how much the little guy had grown and how well he was doing in his open crib.  This nice thing about Walker being in an open crib is we can hold him anytime we want, without worrying so much about his temperature or getting him in and out of the incubator.  Gloria was excited to hold the lil guy, who was tuckered out and decided sleeping was what he was ready to do, he did peek at her a few times though!

Walker did great with his feedings this evening taking around 25 each time, they also decided he was ready to graduate to the next size nipple since he was doing so well with his feedings.  He did have one episode after his 3:00 feeding, but the nurse said he was working on a "big job" and strained and held his breath.

 So far he has continued to maintain his temperature, keep bottle feeding, and stay on his 1.25 liter cannula for almost 2 weeks.  We are praying that Walker has turned the corner, and will continue to stay on this path with no setbacks.  We can finally begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel that leads to us taking him home, a day that we are truly excited for!  Please pray with us that soon we will be loving on this boy back in Virginia!
Good morning, today I loved my passie!

NICU 2 ahead!!!

Walker in his open crib in his new room!

Mamaw and Walker, he loves his great grandma!

Gloria loving on the lil guy!

Hey, I like this new room thing!


  1. He's so precious. It's exciting to see that he's making more steps toward coming home. <3 love you guys.

  2. Wonderful pictures and exciting news! God is good all of the time :) Phyllis Schlueter

  3. What a miracle and true blessing. You have done remarkable with keeping the diary and photos. You all will treasure them and as he gets older he will as well see what a fighter he has been. Love reading the updates.