Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Day 47

This morning Mommy got to the hospital to check on Walker and see how he was doing.  The nurse said he had a pretty good night, but he had 2 episodes that she had to help him out on.  We have to keep reminding ourselves that he is still little and still growing and these are to be expected.

This morning during rounds, Walker's doctor said she wanted to try to switch him from continuous feeds back to feeds over 2 hours with an hour rest in between.  They want to try to see if his reflux has gotten any better and if he can handle it better now that he is on 3 liters on his cannula.  She was going to start condensing his feeds this afternoon.

Mommy got to nurse this morning and the little guy did well again, he was wide awake looking at Mommy and had a big silly grin on his face!  Such a special experience to share with him, and it really makes me feel like I am finally getting to be the one that is taking care of him.  Each new task that we get to do with him is so special and appreciated, he has taught us not to take anything for granted!

Walker had a mostly quiet afternoon, until they started with the condensed feedings, which he quickly showed us he didn't like.  He had several destats and several episodes.  When Daddy got here this afternoon we got Walker out and held him for a while.  Mimi and Bart came to see the little guy and got to see Daddy holding him up close and personal.  It is such an amazing feeling when you are holding him,  and he is staring back into your eyes!

Walker also had a visit from Ramie, Joy, and Andrew Mize who have been so supportive through this whole experience and are always checking on lil Walker!  They were amazed at how much he had grown since they saw him last, and how well he was doing!  This evening the nurse practitioner decided that since Walker was showing us he didn't like the condensed feeds she would take him back to continuous.  She also told us that any of feeds that Walker can take by bottle will also help with his reflux so hopefully we will try him on the bottle tomorrow if he seems up for!

Also they weighed him this evening and he is up to a whopping......2lbs. and 10ozs!  We are so proud of our big boy and all the great work he is doing with his breathing and eating we are amazed by him daily!  Please keep us in you prayers that these good days continue and Walker can continue to grow and thrive!

Good morning Mommy!

It's time to nurse, ok I guess I'll wake up!

Hey Daddy, I love you!

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