Thursday, June 12, 2014

Day 49

This morning Mommy was excited to see how the little guy had done over night.  He had behaved well and had no episodes over night, he had also done well with his feedings.  He had kept his oxygen around 23-26% all night.  This morning Walker had a pretty quiet morning and during rounds the doctors said he looked really good.  They were going to try to keep everything the same and let the little guy keep working on growing!

Walker had a visit from Susan Collins and her mother Oma Merricks  they were excited to see how big the little guy had gotten.  Walker made all kinds of faces and was really showing off for them!  They also took Mommy to lunch and Katherine Collins, Susan's daughter in law, met us as well.  This was very nice for Mommy to be able to get away and have a really nice lunch!

This afternoon Mommy got to try to breastfeed again and Walker did ok, but it was not his best time.  We had to change his diaper two times before we could finally get him out, and after all that he was pretty worn out.  This is something that the lil guy is going to have to keep working on, and as he gets bigger it will get keep getting easier.  Even if he doesn't take in a lot, Mommy just enjoys this special time to spend with Walker!

The rest of the afternoon was pretty quiet, Walker had a couple of self recovered episodes, but for the most part he just rested.  He also had a visit from Brice Ashby who was glad he got to see how much bigger Walker has gotten.  We really enjoy all these visits, they make the days seem shorter, and it is nice to know how much people care about lil Walker!

The rest of Walker's evening was quiet, we really like days like this where there isn't much to say, because it means he is doing what he is supposed to!

Oh and did we mention the lil guy now weighs......2lbs 12ozs!!!!!

Look at that sweet face!

Sweet monkey outfit!

Sleeping hard!

Mommy leave me alone!

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