Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Day 40

When Mommy talked to the nurse this morning, she said that Walker had one episode during the night that she had to intervene for.  The little guy seemed pretty settled this morning and we were hoping for a good day.  Papa came to visit the little guy and told him he needed to behave!  When the nurse weighed him overnight he had lost 20 grams so he is down to 2lbs 3.6ozs, according to the doctor this is normal and nothing that we need to be concerned about.  They also measured Walker and he was 14.1 inches long, what a long boy, now we just need to get him fattened up!

Throughout the day Walker did pretty well, he had a few episodes where his heart rate dropped but he was able to self recover.  He was also wide awake for a couple of hours this morning, and looking all over the place with those big blue eyes!  He did well with his feedings he had a couple of 2cc residuals but nothing to be concerned about.  For the most part it was a pretty quiet day and the lil guy seemed to be doing pretty good.

However Mommy was a little concerned about his episodes because them seemed to be increasing.  When Daddy and Uncle David and Granny got here this afternoon Walker really started acting up.  He had about 4 episodes in about an hour and a half and a couple of those required the nurse to get in his bed.  Mommy and Daddy wanted to talk to the nurse practitioner about this, and she looked back at his episodes on the monitor and said that they looked like reflux episodes and not anything related to immature brain.  This seems like a good thing, but we are still concerned about Walker having so many episodes and the possibility that he might need to go back on the CPAP again.  The nurse practitioner said she would watch him carefully over night and make sure he didn't need any blood work or interventions.

Please pray for Walker that God would touch his body and give him help with this reflux and strengthen him to continue to breath using the cannula.  We truly appreciate each prayer we know because of all the prayers, and through God's grace, Walker is where he is today!


  1. Praying for this sweet little one to continue growing so he can come out and see God's beautiful world.

  2. Thanks for your daily updates. That's the first thing I read when I sit down to the computer. Love and prayers for the entire family.
    Audrey Tatum

  3. Sweet lil Walker looks so cute and is growing I can tell!! We will continue to pray for our lil hero and I trust that the Lord will take care of him!!! Hes got a lot of growing to do to get into those camos. :) Love the three of you!!