Sunday, June 22, 2014

Day 59

This morning after another good service at Admore Baptist church, Mommy and Daddy were excited to see how little man was doing.  He had a good night with no episodes that required intervention, but he did have a few self recoveries.  They had also weened him down to 1.75 liters on his cannula, and he had done well with that over night.

Walker had a great morning and did really well with his breastfeeding, he took in 20cc which is great!  He ate really well, and then was in a milk coma!  He also had a visit from Granny, Papa, and Uncle David, who were excited to see the little guy.  Uncle David even got to change his first of many diapers!  He did well especially considering he had never changed a diaper before, Walker didn't mind being the test run.  

Walker behaved all afternoon and took his 5:00 bottle for Mommy in a hurry with no trouble at all.  He did have a few destats, but he was also working on a big job at the same time.  After he took his bottle and got his stinky diaper changed, he was snoozing big time.  He is starting to get into the routine of his feeding times, and he is more awake when it is time to eat.  

Walker also did well with his 9:00 bottle and seems pretty settled in tonight.  Tomorrow he will have been on the cannula for one week, which is the longest he has been on it.  We are really hoping that he will continue to do well on the cannula and soon be on room air!  The little guy is up to 3lbs. 3.8ozs, and hopefully he will continue gaining weight and doing well!  Thanks for your continued prayers!

Good morning Mommy and Daddy!

Ready to breastfeed, got my matching bib on!

Getting to be such a big boy.

Holding Daddy's ring, it use to go all the way up my shoulder, now only 3 fingers fit!

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