Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Day 41

This morning started out about the same as last night.  Walker was still acting up and having his episodes overnight and then also a couple this morning.  They seemed to be around his feeds so that would be tied to reflux, but they still did blood work just to check and make sure everything was ok with the lil guy.  David the nurse practitioner came around and examined Walker before rounds decided to turn the flow up on his nasal cannula.  He was on 2 liters of flow and so he turned him up to 2.5 liters of flow.  This seemed to help Walker but he did have another episode at the end of his feeding.

Everything on his blood work looked good his hemoglobin 9.7 and the rest of his blood work looked pretty good.  They decided to turn his flow on his nasal cannula up again to 3 liters to see if that will help before they take him back to the CPAP.  They also decided to change his feedings from over 2 hours to continuous.   So he will get around 5.6cc per hour with no breaks in between, which they are hoping will help with his reflux.  They also ordered a belly xray to make sure everything in his belly looked good, which it did.

The higher flow and spreading out his feedings seemed to help and he had a couple of episodes this afternoon but he was able to self recover and get back on track.  Mommy and Daddy got lil Walker out this afternoon and held him, which Daddy hadn't done yet and he loved it!  It is so nice so hold that lil guy in your arms and be able to look into his sweet eyes.  We really enjoyed this family time together and we are so in love with out little family!

The rest of the afternoon went pretty good Walker seemed to settled down after his time with Mommy and Daddy and behaved himself for the rest of the afternoon.  He had a visit from Mimi and Bart and and showed them how good he looked on his cannula and in his crab outfit!  He had one more episode before Mommy and Daddy left for the night and the nurse had to give him a lil whooping to set him straight, but we called a little while later to check in, and she said he had behaved every since.

Please pray with us, for a calm and restful night for Walker, and that God continues to give him strength to grow!
No photos please!

Enjoying my passie

Daddy holding his boy!

Looking at Mommy!

Pulling out his cannula!

Adorable crab outfit!

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  1. The picture of you & Walker looking at each other makes my heart melt!