Friday, June 13, 2014

Day 50

Guess who turned 7 weeks old today!  We can't believe that our lil Walker man is 7 weeks old, it is amazing how time is flying by, but in other ways it seems like we have been in Winston forever.  One thing is for certain, we couldn't have made it without the amazing support of our family and friends who are like family!  Each call, text, facebook message, wall post, visit, card, gift, no matter how small it seems to you, is so important to us.  We are continually lifted up by each of you and your kindness and prayers, and we are forever grateful!

This morning Walker weighed 2lbs. 12.4ozs and was doing good.  He had no episodes over night, but he did have one right before Mommy got there.  During rounds this morning the doctors said he looked good, and they were going to try to wean his cannula from 3 liters down to 2.75 liters, they also upped his feeds to 7.5cc per hour. The poor little guy was doing what they call the "turkey neck", because he was refluxing, so the nurse suggested Mommy hold him to help get him more upright.  Of course any excuse is a good excuse to hold our sweet little man!

Beth Joyce and Pam Sturm, who Mommy use to teach with, came to visit this morning and they took turns staring at Walker and commenting on how adorable and precious he was(of course Mommy agreed completely)!  They loved watching the little guy, who was showing off and opening his eyes and sticking out his sweet little tongue for them.  They also took Mommy to lunch, and she got some much needed adult time away from the beeping of the NICU for a little while, such a great visit!

This afternoon Walker was able to breastfeed and did well, he was looking around and alert for most of the time until he started to get a little milk drunk.  The nurse weighed him after and the scale kept giving different numbers, so we aren't sure exactly how much he ate but we know it was a pretty good amount.  After nursing Walker was pretty tired and he took a pretty good little nap!

He had several bad episodes where he decided that breathing was too much work, and checked out for a little.  His favorite respiratory therapist, Charlene, came and sucked him out really well and he seemed to improve for a little while.  However, he did have a couple more episodes before Mommy and Daddy left around 8:00 to go get supper.  We aren't sure if the episodes are because the little guy doesn't like the lower flow on his cannula, or he doesn't like the increase in his feeds, or it could just be he needs to do a "big job".  Whatever the case we are hoping he settles down over night and is able to get some rest!

Please continue to pray for Walker, we try to remember daily Jeremiah 29:11, and know that this is all a part of God's plan for our lil guy!
Holding on tight!

Hey Mommy!
Visit from Beth and Pam
Sleeping hard after nursing!


  1. Hi Erica,thank u so much for sharing Walker with all of us. This is the first thing I do each morning is check on Walker. I've been there with my first child, which then u could only look at not touch. So heart breaking. My next experience was my great granddaughter,, 3 months early. How surprising to b able to b a part of their life in the NICU. Thank God for progress. U r a very good Mom. I will keep u all in my prayers. Look forward. to tomorrow morning. Thank u once again!

  2. Erica and Jared, we are so grateful for your taking the time to update and post pictures of sweet Walker! Eli and Holland both check each afternoon and love to see him grow as do Matt and I. Keep strong and we can't believe how BIG he is getting!
    Foutz Family