Monday, June 9, 2014

Day 46

Daddy went by the hospital first thing this morning, on his way to work and got to see Walker who had a great night with no episodes!  Then Mommy came by herself to see how he was doing.  He was snuggled in and very comfy and doing well!  The doctors rounded early this morning and they said Walker was doing well.  

They said he could continue breastfeeding once a day and to also continue with weighing him before and after.  He is on continuous feeds, and they also upped him to 6.6cc per hour.  The doctor said this morning to let him nurse and see how much he takes in a then subtract that from what they are feeding him in his tube, she also said they would let him try to take some of his feeds by bottle.  Mommy was really excited about this because it means she can breastfeed him once a day and try to feed him by bottle as well!  

He had a calm and quiet morning and was doing well with his breathing on his cannula.  Around 2 they stopped his feeding so that Mommy could nurse.  Walker did excellent today, he had his eyes wide open and was looking at Mommy the whole time, such an amazing thing looking into those precious eyes.  Walker nursed for about 20 minutes today, before he started getting tired.  He also did a "big job" while he was nursing and man does that little boy smell, he seems to like doing that when Mommy is holding him!  After nursing we weighed him and he had taken in 20cc!!!  

The nurse and Mommy were shocked, that is a lot for such a little boy, especially considering that he has only ever had 18cc in his stomach!  After we put him back to bed, and changed that diaper, the little guy was snoozing soundly.  He was so comfortable and asleep, and he had the cutest look on his sweet face!

Walker seems to really enjoy nursing, and Mommy certainly does too!  Since he ate 20cc they were able to turn off his feeding tube for 3 hours.  After the 3 hours before the nurse restarted his feeding pump they check how much was left in his stomach, and the little guy had eaten it all!  

The rest of Walker's night was pretty calm, he had a few dips in his oxygen stats but no episodes and we are hoping he can keep this up.  We truly appreciate all the prayers, and we pray that Walker will continue to have many more good days so he can continue to gain weight and grow!

Snuggled in this morning! 

I'm wrapped around those tiny fingers!

Snoozing hard, after nursing.

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