Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Day 61

Today Mommy was excited to get to the hospital and see how lil Walker had done overnight.  He had been a very good boy and hadn't had any episodes and was up to 3lbs. 5ozs.  He had taken most of his foods by bottle although he did have a few residuals, where he has food left in his stomach.  They just subtract that from what they are going to give him, so if he had a 2cc residual instead of getting his whole 26cc he would only get 24cc.

The nurse said yesterday this is very normal for him to have some food left in his belly because his stomach needs to catch up.  Walker is use to eating only about 8.5cc an hour and now we have changed that to 26cc in about 30 minutes by bottle.  His stomach has to figure out how to process this new amount, and be able to catch up with what he is eating.  At 9:00 he took the whole bottle except for the last 2cc which the nurse told me to save to help push his supplements through his tube.

Walker is getting potassium, salts, and iron several times a day to help make sure his body has what it needs.  They were giving him caffeine twice a day, but now that he is almost 35 weeks they decided today to discontinue that.  The caffeine was to help Walker remember to breathe, but now that he is older that isn't as much of an issue.  Walker did well with his cannula today he stayed on 1.5 liters and was on 21% all day long!  We are really proud of how well he is continuing to do on the cannula, he even maintains his stats during feeding times which is great!

Walker also did well with his 12:00 feeding, he ate 20cc so they had to give him the rest through his feeding tube.  They want to make sure he gets his total amount, even if he can't take the whole thing by bottle.  Walker also did well with breastfeeding this afternoon, and then got to cuddle with Mommy for over an hour, time which Mommy cherishes!  It is amazing looking at that little guy, I could stare for hours.  It is truly a blessing how perfect he is, and we could not be more in love.  Please continue to pray that God strengthens his body so that he can breath on his own soon and continue making progress eating by bottle. This experience has really taught us how blessed we are, because Walker is truly a miracle from God!

Best view in the world!

Definitely Mommy's little guy!

Arms back relaxing!

Mommy's flash startled me!

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  1. The three Kenny girls send their sugary kisses!!! They think Walker is sooo cute!! :)