Monday, June 16, 2014

Day 53

Today Walker was doing well and had behaved all night.  He was still on his CPAP but keeping his oxygen at 21% and had kept it there all night.  Mommy went to the hospital this morning but then had to leave to go to town for a doctors appointment, good thing Granny could hang out with lil man!

None of his cultures had grown anything, so during rounds this morning the doctors decided to discontinue his antibiotics after him getting them for 48 hours.  They are going to keep the IV in his sweet head for as long as it will keep flushing, just in case they need to use it for anything else.  We are hoping it will come out VERY soon!  They decided to keep everything else the same and let Walker get a little more rest on his CPAP and then try the cannula hopefully tomorrow.

Walker had a pretty quiet morning and Granny even got to hold the little guy, who was pretty agitated with his CPAP, he doesn't like that big elephant trunk on his head now that he has had a taste of the cannula!  Around lunch time, because he was fighting it so much and pulling it off his face, they decided to take him off CPAP and put him back on the cannula today instead of tomorrow.  He was finally able to settle down and relax with the CPAP hoses and mask off his face.

Walker behaved himself for the rest of the afternoon and kept his oxygen on 21% on his 3 liter cannula.  He even had a major "big job" for Granny just in time, before Mommy got back.  Mommy was able to hold the little guy and he was rooting and sucking his fingers like crazy.  The doctor said we should wait until tomorrow to try breast or bottle feeding, just to give him a little more time to rest.  So in the mean time, Mommy gave him his passie while she was holding him and boy did he LOVE that!  He was really going to town on that thing and we are excited to try to bottle feed him tomorrow!

Please pray that Walker is able to stay on the cannula(third time is the charm!), and continue to do well with his feeding and gaining weight he is up to 3lbs. 1.4ozs!

Good morning Mommy

Granny giving her boy kisses!

Yes, the CPAP is gone!

Beautiful boy!

Working that passie like a day job! 
Mommy and her boy!

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