Friday, June 20, 2014

Day 57

Today Walker is 8 weeks old, we can hardly believe that that much time has gone by.  Walker, Mommy, and Granny had a pretty quiet day, which is a good thing around here.  Walker only had one episode last night around 11 before Mommy and Granny left and he was having really bad reflux.  He did well on his 2.5 liter cannula all night and didn't have any episodes which is great.  His weight also went up to 3lbs 3 ozs which is great, the little guy is getting some cheeks on him!

This morning Walker did great with his 9:00 bottle, he was hungry and ready to eat and he made quick work of it!  Mommy got to hold him for a while, and he looked absolutely adorable in his football outfit from Auntie Sandy, Taylor Jo, Mason, and Tim.  He is definitely an MVP...Most Valuable Preemie!

Walker also got to breastfeed today and he did well with that, I think the little guy is really catching on to this eating and sucking thing!  Mommy and Daddy are really hoping his reflux will start to get better as he continues to gain weight and grow.  After breastfeeding the little guy was in a milk stupor and took a really good lil nap.  He had a couple of reflux related dips, but once his food started back at 2:00 he settled right in.

Daddy and Papa were excited to see the little guy and they got here as he was eating his 5:00 bottle, what a big boy!  They both loved his adorable outfit, as well as all the nurses all day who just couldn't stop visiting the little guy!  Walker did well with his 9:00 bottle, Papa timed him and he finished it in 4 minutes 57 seconds not too bad for a lil guy!  Mommy and Daddy also got to give Walker a bath and get him nice and clean.  Its amazing how dirty that he can get just hanging out in his incubator, but boy did he need a bath!  We also got him lotioned up and smelling great, nothing smells as good as a clean baby!  What a great day the Walker had today!

Through our 57 day journey we have been amazed each day by the people that God is placing in our path to take care of our son.  We feel like we have become family with the Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, Nurses, and Respiratory Therapist, and we are so blessed to have such wonderful and loving people to take care of Walker!

Please continue, as we know you will, to be in prayer for Walker as he continues to grow and reach important milestones!  Also, per request we have included a video of the little guy working on his bottle!

MVP...Most Valuable Preemie, thanks to the Gary's!

Working on my bottle this morning.

Such a happy boy, look at that precious face!

So relaxed after eating his bottle tonight!

Mommy and Granny

Bath time!

All snug and clean, goodnight!


  1. So incredibly adorable. Can't wait to see him again. Hugs for all.

  2. Cant wait to finally meet the little guy, hopefully real soon, He couldn't have been born into a better family!!

  3. These are the cutest pictures I love the big smile and little sleepy eye picture!