Saturday, June 7, 2014

Day 44

Today Mommy and Daddy were excited to see if Walker had a good night and was ready to go back on the cannula this morning.  During rounds the doctor said he looked great and was ready, his oxygen had stayed low all night and he had one episode that looked reflux related.  We asked if his cannula could be 3 liters to start off with instead of 2 to hopefully give him a little extra flow and pressure to help control his reflux.  They said that was a good idea, and we are hoping that plus the continuous feeds will help him with the reflux until he can get a little bigger.

Mommy also asked about breastfeeding since he was going back on the cannula and was 32 weeks and 2 days old now.  That was also a go and the doctor said to start off with a short 5 minute session to see how he did.  They don't want him to burn too many calories trying to nurse because they want him to gain as much weight as he can.  Did we mention is up to 2lbs. 7.8ozs, which means he has DOUBLED his birth weight!

We waited until 2:30 because we wanted to give him some time to see how he would handle being back on the cannula, which he did wonderful with(no episodes all day)!  The lil guy did great and nursed on and off for about 15 minutes, he really surprised Mommy and Daddy, even the nurse was really surprised at how well he did especially for such a little guy.  After he nursed Mommy held him for about another hour and he was sleeping like a rock, even snoring a little! When we put him back in his bed his temperate had actually gone up which is wonderful and shows how well he tolerated being out.  Overall the whole experience was perfect and something that Mommy will never forget.  After waiting 43 days it was such an amazing feeling and a special bonding time for us.  We can't describe how much we love this little guy and how much we love "Our little family"!

Through all the ups and downs of life in the NICU we try to remember just how far Walker has come, and hold on to the moments and days like today when things get a little rough.  Please continue to pray that we have more great days like today to come!

The most precious face we've ever seen!

During nursing, trying to wake him up a little!

Post nursing bliss!

Snoozing in Mommy's arms, no better feeling!

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  1. So grateful to read how well "lil Toot" : as doing.XXOO