Saturday, June 21, 2014

Day 58

Today Mommy and Daddy got to the hospital bright and early.  Walker had done well over night with his breathing on his 2.5 liter cannula and hadn't had any episodes!  This morning at 9 the nurse checked his residual, which is how much food is still in his stomach, and he had 8cc.  Walker is allowed to have up to an hours worth and keep getting fed and an hour's worth is 8.5 so he was right on the edge.  The nurse said we could go ahead and give him his bottle at 9 and she would check it again before she started his feeds at 10:00.  Walker ate his whole bottle and did really well, when she checked him at 10:00 his belly was empty so getting the bottle helped his digestion get moving.

During rounds the doctors said he looked good and the only thing they were going to work on was weening his cannula down to 2.25 which they did and he did great with.  Mommy got him out at 1:00 to breastfeed and the little guy did great he took in 10cc, so the nurse didn't start his food until 2:00.

After Mommy breastfed, we held the little guy for a while and didn't put him back in bed until around 1:55 around 2:30 Mommy noticed that the temperature on the heater/humidifier portion of Walker's cannula was not what it normally is.  We called the respiratory therapist over and she asked how Walker's stats had been.  We told her he had been doing great and had really had any destats.  She told us that his oxygen tube had gotten unplugged, and he had been breathing just room air on his own for about the last 30 minutes!  What a big little boy, this definitely shows us how much stronger he is getting!

Walker did well with his 5:00 and 9:00 bottles taking the whole thing both times which is really great.  Mommy and Daddy are so proud of how well the little guy is doing with his feedings and taking his whole bottles each time.  The nurse was also able to ween his bed down to 27.7 so he is only 7 tenths away from being able to move to a crib!!

Walker also had a visit from Barbara and Gary Dove who were excited to see the little guy. They even brought hims his first pair of camo overalls!  We can't wait till Walker is running around the house wearing nothing but his overalls!  Tonight Mommy and Daddy got to go visit with Geoff, Ellen, and Mary Peyton and have a cookout.  It is such a blessing to have such wonderful people go out of their way to be so kind to us.  God really blessed us when he sent us to Admore Baptist church, and allowed us to meet such a wonderful family, who has been so amazing to us and we are beyond thankful!

We are so excited about the strides our little boy is making, and proud doesn't even begin to describe the way we feel!  It is truly a miracle from God how far our little boy has come, and we are truly thankful for Walker each day, hour, and moment we get to spend with him!  Please continue to pray that he keeps making gains each day!

Good morning world!

The bib says it all!

Daddy giving me a bottle!

Whoa Daddy!

Hard say good night and leave that sweet face!

P.S. Here's last night's video

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