Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Day 62

Today was Walker's two month birthday, we can't hardly believe how much our lives have changed in the last two months!  It is amazing when you have a child how they literally become the breath in your chest and the light of your day every day, it is a love beyond explanation.  Yesterday they had decided to stop his caffeine because of his age, but over night he had several episodes so they decided this morning to restart it but change it to just once a day instead of twice a day.  Hopefully this will help keep him from having episodes until he gets a little older and they try to stop it again.

They also decided because he is doing so well on his cannula and keeping his oxygen around 21% they were going to wean him.  This morning they turned him down from 1.5 liters to 1.25 liters, they are trying to take to slow so he doesn't get upset and start having episodes again.  He did well with the change in his cannula and maintained his breathing all day, staying on 21% for most of the time!

They also decided since Walker has been doing so well with bottle feeding they were going to change the way he does it.  The doctors decided that they were going to make him ad lib with a minimum of 19cc.  This means that they will give Walker his 28cc in his bottle, and he can take as much as he wants as long as he takes at least 19cc.  If he can maintain eating just from the bottle they will take out his feeding tube!!  This is a huge deal if he is able to achieve this and get, and keep the feeding tube out that is something he has to do before going home.

 At his 9:00 feeding he ate the whole 28cc, at 12:00 and 3:00 he ate around 20cc which is still above his minimum.  At 6:00 Granny and Papa discovered that the medicine they normally give him through his tube, but are now giving him in the bottle with his milk, were causing the nipple on his bottle to clog up and keeping him from being able to suck as well.  They were able to mix the milk a little better and he sucked the rest of his bottle down!  Hopefully we can get this medicine issued sorted out, and Walker can do well with his feedings over night, we know he will eat well for Kayla, one of his favorite nurses!  We are really praying that God can watch over Walker and he will be able to get his feeding tube out tomorrow or Friday.

Please pray with us that Walker can continue to do well with his bottle feedings and also do well on his cannula, we are starting to see great milestones take place and we owe it all to prayer and the grace of God!

Sleeping holding onto his oxygen tube!

Mommy giving me my first bottle of the day!

Hungry boy!

Daddy's little boy!

Granny giving Walker a bottle!

Papa giving Walker a bottle, his is Papa shirt!

Good night y'all, eating is hard work!


  1. Hey. This is Lauren hicks. (Micah's mom). We think of you often and love reading your updates. We will be at the hospital for an appointment on Monday - could we come for a short visit?

    1. Of course that would be great! We are still in nicu 1 but they moved us to bed 11 now! We see excited to see y'all!