Sunday, June 29, 2014

Day 66

Today was another good Sunday for Walker.  He had done well over night with his cannula they turned him down to just 1 liter of flow and he stayed on 21%.  He also did well with his feeds taking 30 each time for his nurse JoAnn who he loved!  He also continued to maintain his temperature and did really well all night long.

Walker got a visit from Granny and Papa who were excited to see his new room and how well he was doing!  They got to watch Walker eat two bottles, he sucked them both down, taking 30cc and then 35cc, this boy likes to eat!  Granny and Papa also took turns holding the little guy, who makes the sweetest faces and sounds!

Since Walker was doing so well on his 1 liter cannula and he was getting a lot of condensation in the line from the heater that comes with the high flow, Mommy and Daddy asked if he could be turned down to 900mL.  This makes his cannula low flow, which means he can lose the heated part and just has added humidity.  That way the little guy won't be taking in any water as he is trying to breath.  They will slowly turn him down by 100 until he gets low enough they feel they can take the cannula out completely.

Walker had a few self recovery episodes this afternoon, but you could tell he was having reflux each time.  His reflux seems to be getting less frequent and we are hoping that soon it will go away completely.  Walker got to breastfeed this evening and he ate for an entire 30 minutes. What a big boy!

We are so proud of our "little big guy" and the progress he is making and we are praying for more great days to come!

One proud Papa, they even have matching outfits!
Hey, its time to eat!!

Granny getting the "Good Kisses"

Milk Coma
Full and happy lil hunting buddy

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